Speak With Me Therapy Services, LLC - Providing Therapy & Evaluations in the Home & School Settings
Testimonials“Marisa has an outgoing and fun spirit that delights my daughter into thinking Speech Therapy is fun. She does not complain about practicing her speech or going to her weekly lesson. The way Marisa utilizes everyday games and incorporates appropriate pop culture into the lessons is brilliant and engaging for the student.  We are absolutely delighted with her work and our daughter's progress.”  

 “You have been such a positive experiences and influence in my son's learning, growth and speech ability. He's so confident and is growing up to be an intelligent young man. I love seeing that…thank you.”

 “The improvement my son has made has been huge.  He was very hard to understand and would get frustrated that we didn't know what he was saying.  His speech is so much clearer now.  It is wonderful to be able to talk to him and understand what he is saying.  Marisa has provided a warm, nurturing environment that my son has thrived in.”   

 “I have truly seen a transformation in our daughter since Marisa has worked with her. She has confidence and is extremely eager to learn. Marisa formed a real connection with her and is completely invested in seeing that she succeeds and gets the help she needs!”  

 “Marisa Gasman treated my daughter for a speech disorder, starting at the age of 2. Marisa was so easy to work with and she really took in interest in my daughter.  She made the sessions fun and educational at the same time.  My daughter actually looked forward to seeing Marisa once a week, and she really loved their sessions together.  Marisa is a dedicated, motivated, intelligent, and knowledgeable speech therapist, and I would highly recommend her to anyone!”
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